Travel To Sri Lanka with Me!

Updated: May 30, 2020

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean- Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. The sun-kissed beaches, the gigantic elephants, the rugged mountains, and the deep green palm trees portray the irresistible island. To get to Sri Lanka from Mumbai, there is a 2hour 30minitues direct flight to Colombo.

The island is known for its tea fields, it's phenomenal beauty, and the varied biodiversity. You need at least a week or two to properly explore Sri Lanka. I went to Sri Lanka in October last year, here are some places you must visit when you got to Sri Lanka.


Galle is a city on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, which is known for it's Fort and it's Portugal architectural buildings if it's your first time visiting Sri Lanka, I would say spend one day in Galle.

Galle is perfect for all you historians out there because Galle wears its history on its sleeve. Galle is full of golden beaches as well. My Galle experience has been nothing but pacifying and scholastic.

The beaches were exhilarating.


Bentota is a resort town of Sri Lanka on the southwestern coast as well. Bentota truly is the paradise island, it's my personal favorite. Bentota is exceptional, with its dazzling nightlife and its peppy aquatics. Bentota just wins one's heart.

The coruscating nightlife, boat rides, the jungle trek, and the delicious seafood will make your experience a whole lot better.


Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. Colombo is perfect for all the city dwellers out there! Although Colombo does not have many"must-see" sights, the city has its own charm, delicious food, and rooms of historic opulence.


My blog would be incomplete if I didn't give out some gen about my outfits:


A simple outfit can look super stylish with a little tweaking. I paired my black denim skirt with a normal olive green t-shirt and my favorite white sneakers, to make the outfit seem more put together tie a knot.


I paired my denim blue jeans with a comfy black t-shirt. This outfit is super comfortable and dapper too.

Travel outfits can be somewhat tricky, what to carry? what not to carry? Here are some outfits which I have put together just for you guys. I hope you guys enjoy these outfits.


Enjoy guys!

Lots of Love

Riddhi :)